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 Hey all

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SF Alba

SF Alba

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PostSubject: Hey all   Tue May 31, 2016 11:08 am

Hi everyone. I thought I'd sign up here, since playing competitive Assault interests me.

If you've ever spent time on Star Fox-Online, the series' biggest fan site, you'll likely know of me. I love the series as a whole, in fact it's by far my favourite fictional series, with Assault being my favourite game in the series.

Despite Assault being my favourite game, I've only ever really played the multiplayer once, due to the fact that I've got nobody to play this particular game with. I'd love to see this scene thrive and bring in new players. I do have a question, though: is this site still active? Apart from another recent newcomer it seems like this site isn't used much any more. I hope this place isn't dying.
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PostSubject: Re: Hey all   Tue May 31, 2016 9:39 pm

welcome! it's really great to see new people here.

yeah, as i just mentioned in the other recent threads, i think we're about due for a revival of SFA, considering i now know of an easy way to play people who aren't local! it's an interesting development after 2+ years of the scene being fairly dark, so you've joined at a cool time i think. i'll do my best to get things rolling with the older members, so in the meantime, hope to see you hanging around here!
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Hey all
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