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 Netplay guide!

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PostSubject: Netplay guide!   Thu Jul 21, 2016 2:47 pm

here's the Official LS Guide to playing SFA online! turns out it's pretty easy to do if you have a modern computer and decent internet

Quote :

  1. Download and install the latest build of the Dolphin emulator here:

  2. Get an .iso of Star Fox Assault. You can rip your own copy of SFA using this guide:
    Note that LS generally uses the North American SFA .iso to play. If your .iso isn't the same region as your playing partners, you won't be able to connect to them.
    Talk to HAXage for more information about this step.

  3. Download the standardized LS save file. This file has everything, including the Demon Sniper, unlocked and can be found here:
    Use this save file in the Memory Card A slot. Go to Options > Configure > Gamecube, select Memory Card for Slot A, click the three small dots that appear next to Slot A, and drag the downloaded file into the folder that pops up.

  4. Follow this guide to make sure you have the correct settings for Dolphin netplay:

  5. Organize a game with someone. One player must host and the other must connect to them. Either the "traversal server" or "direct connection" method can be used. If connecting directly, you'll need the host's IP, and the host must forward the port they wish to use. Please don't publicly post IPs in Discord!

  6. Open Dolphin and go to Tools > Start Netplay. If you're hosting, click on the Host tab, select the game, and wait for your partner to join. If you're connecting, enter the room ID (if using traversal server) or the host's IP and port (if connecting directly). Once the connection has been established, the host must click "Start".

  7. Enjoy playing online SFA!

NOTE: make sure you and your playing partner have the same settings in Dolphin, as differing settings have been known to cause desyncs. Also ensure you are using exactly the same memory cards, as any unsynchronized activity from either player can cause netplay to fail.

to find people to play against, it's strongly recommended you join the LS Discord server.
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Netplay guide!
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