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 Updated LS savefile

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PostSubject: Updated LS savefile   Sun Dec 17, 2017 4:26 pm

something that's been requested for a while: a save file for Dolphin with all sorts of controller profiles, so people don't have to make their own tag/profile every time!

this save file REPLACES the old one. you should delete your old LS_savefile.USA.raw and replace it with the new one, found at this link:

here's a summary of the profiles included in this new file:

  • all profiles have rumble DISABLED
  • there are 4 profiles of each kind, so potentially everyone in the game can use a certain config
  • DS has both Pilot and Arwing controls NOT INVERTED
  • DSinv has both Pilot and Arwing controls INVERTED
  • DSmnv (missile inverted) has Pilot controls NOT INVERTED, but Arwing controls INVERTED
  • DSwrd (weird) has Pilot controls INVERTED, but Arwing controls NOT INVERTED
  • SS is Single Stick, both Pilot and Arwing controls NOT INVERTED

for those who aren't aware, your Arwing control inversion affects missile control, so it has some bearing in competitive SFA. rumble has been disabled as there are some people who find it distracting, but not many people who can't play without it.

hopefully this streamlines games somewhat!
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Updated LS savefile
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