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 Missile Launchers: Banned?

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PostSubject: Missile Launchers: Banned?   Sun Nov 11, 2012 8:55 am

You guys probably have talked about this at some point, but I thought it should be brought up again since we're starting the new forum.

I remember seeing the weapon chart (risk-reward ratio), and the only two weapons that had a greater reward than risk were the pcb and missile launcher. PCB is necessary for Peppy in order for him to be usable and it balances out his bad speed and health, but the missile launcher doesn't do that. I remember seeing the missile launcher in the "overpowered" tier of a weapon list one time.
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PostSubject: Re: Missile Launchers: Banned?   Sun Nov 11, 2012 11:48 am

yeah we've actually tested some "no-reds" matches where both the HL and the ML are banned - since if missiles are out, the HL kind of dominates the match. from what i remember, it was pretty fun - snipers and CB fights happened frequently, people were more likely to make pushes, and it was less likely for players to go on huge killstreaks.

this happened long enough ago that i don't remember what we ended up deciding, though, lol. i'd definitely test it again!

as it stands, though, i doubt missiles (or HL) will ever be banned in the standard competitive ruleset. they're great weapons from a strategic viewpoint and probably the best overall in the game, but they're not really exploitable; notably, they have all the disadvantages that come with any explosive weapon including their low ammo count, unwieldiness, suicide potential etc. put it this way: you can't win a match on missiles alone (although this is probably debatable Razz )

great to have you back by the way! things have been kind of weird over the past few months but i'm really glad to see that some old members are trickling back in. your loyalty is much appreciated!
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Missile Launchers: Banned?
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